Friday, December 14, 2007

Apply to Be On Our Show!

The application to be on the show can be found at this web address:

Please print out the application, complete it, or mail it in or bring it to one of the open calls.

All the Best!


The Diary of a Shy Black Woman said...

I'm in a relationship but I can't wait to watch. If u ever work on an anxiety related show or anything else that you think fits me...plz let me know.

About Us said...

I will absolutely think up a show of that fashion. I was very shy growing up and I so understand how that feels. Let's stay in touch!

Kassandra Vaughn, Executive Producer
Clean Slate Films

angelsstar said...

I feel this show sheds light on the cultural injustice that exists in respects to dating qualit men in the African American race. My girlfriends, as well as myself have tried to discover the mishaps and potential causes of our shortage of notable men. My name is Angel, at, and I intend on trying to get a spot on the show. As a 29 year old female, pretty well rounded, educated, and confident. Im actually in the process of relocating my job. But Imalso optimistic that my potential love will be closeby. Im feeling that this could change life. So, I applaud this mission of this show. After getting on I hope to discover my truth. Ill give it a shot. I'm gonna to try out.